May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday...It's my birthday...I'm going skiing...I'm gonna celebrate..hey, hey!

Ok, so clearly it is my birthday today.  I'm actually not totally hating the idea of celebrating this year.  I feel great about where I am in my life and feel completely blessed to live where I live, do what I do and be who I be (am).

Rather than sulking (as I've so famously done years 18-26), I'm going to enjoy every second of this year.  I'm going to celebrate with a spring ski trip to Mammoth with my family.  I can hardly wait!  The thought of my trip makes all of my busyness this month entirely worth while and entirely manageable.  I'm probably just deluding myself at the moment, but I feel downright relaxed working my 12-16 hour days.

Anyway, I wanted today's post to be light, so I'm going to share a handful of my favorite spring cakes:
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Garden Cake by Lori Ann Blethen

If I ever spent time to plan my own birthday parties, I'd like a charming cake like this.  I'm sure I'll get to it some year.  Perhaps I'll plan a proper party for my 30th...but then again, I just might want to party it up in Vegas...we'll see.

Pink Floral Cake by Sylvia Weinstock

Champagne Harp Cake by Sylvia Weinstock

Summer Garden Rose Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings

Pink and gold lattice cake from my wedding, by Sylvia Weinstock, photo by Michael + Anna Costa

What would you like your cake to look like?

Have a good one!

PS- To make my Birthday extra special...if you read my blog but don't follow it officially, please take a moment to set yourself up as one of my "Followers." Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Happy birthday Ariel!! I hope you get that cake someday!


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