June 30, 2010

Summer Eating: Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

I recently discovered this fabulously yummy sounding ice cream sandwich recipe (via my foodie mother's Facebook Page) and just had to share it with you.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches
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June 23, 2010

Wednesday Inspiration: Bella Victorian Vineyard Wedding

I just got off the phone with a lovely bride who's looking to plan an intimate wedding in the Napa Valley.  Her laid back style really reminded me of another gorgeous wine country wedding that I'd planned a while back for a sweet-as-sugar couple, Rebecca and John.

Here are a few images from Rebecca and John's wine themed soiree:
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June 18, 2010

Friday Flowers: Brooch Bouquets

When I was at Engage!10 in Grand Cayman, each of the attendees received a stack of brand new bridal magazines.  One my favorites that I'd received was WedLuxe, a gorgeous Canadian bridal magazine. 

Deep into the current image rich issue of WedLuxe, I can across the most enchanting brooch bridal bouquet and just had to share it with you.
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June 16, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday: Bridie and Amy's Wedding

I was just looking through pictures from some of my past events and came across the images from a beautiful same sex wedding that I'd coordinated for a delightful couple named Bridie and Amy.

These two knew exactly what they wanted for their Ojai Estate Wedding.  Classical elegance, a touch of tradition and abundance warmth from their most loved family and friends.

 It was a gorgeous day for two gorgeous girls (their gowns were to die for...stunning!!!).
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June 10, 2010

Delivering Happiness- Review

Wow, Engage!10 was amazing! 

Grand Cayman is such an incredibly beautiful place and the service at the Ritz was truly second to none (the staff gives everyone a seriously awe inspiring level care and attention). 

A few of the highlights from my trip included:

1) Meeting my roommate and now lifelong friend, Kate Bentley of of Happily Ever After Weddings.
2)Having a conversation with Colin Cowie at night on the beach (during a brief tropical rain).
3) Spontaneously jumping into 70 degree waves after dark, with the gorgeous Inside Weddings editor, Miss Marilyn Olivera.
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June 7, 2010

Ariel Yve Design's First Inspiration to Reality Shoot

I'm finally off to Cayman Islands for Engage 10!  I've been waiting for this event for what seems like FOREVER.  I can hardly wait!  Colin Cowie, Sylvia Weinstock and Darcy Miller are just a few of the dozens of power players who are set to present at this exclusive industry summit. 

Anyway, I know I've been away for a bit, but I've been working on tons of cool projects lately.  One of which was a fabulous Inspiration to Reality shoot that I'd designed this past weekend.  Those of you in the industry who know me, knows that I say inspiration shoots are for those who have nothing better to do.  I still mostly stand by that statement, but this shoot was inspired by an entirely new trend that I've been wanting to share with brides....I just had to do it.  You will soon find out what this new trend is : )
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