November 27, 2009

Friday Flowers: Cherry Blossom Chuppa

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was absolutely fabulous.
My schedule has been overload for months, so it's always a treat when I can enjoy the day with my family.
Anyway, earlier this week, I came across this image of a stunning blooming chuppa/canopy. We've moved! Please finish reading this post Ariel Yve Design

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyday, I get butterflies just thinking about what I'm grateful for. I feel truly blessed to be able to enjoy such a balanced and fulfilling existence.

November 25, 2009

Wednesday Inspiration: Preston Bailey Canopy

In searching for Thanksgiving decorating ideas this weekend, I came across this photo of a fabulous canopy created by Preston Bailey. We've moved! Please find the rest of this post at: Ariel Yve Design

November 24, 2009

San Ysidro Ranch Wedding

I just received an email from Jennifer S. Rau letting me know that the pictures from our client's mid November wedding at the San Ysidro Ranch were up on her blog.

Here's are a few of the stunning images Jen captured at of this incredible couple's intimate wedding. We've moved! Please visit Ariel Yve Design to finish reading this post.

November 20, 2009

Friday Flowers: Easy, Affordable Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is a day of food, celebration, good company and reflection. I've never been big on the actual Thanksgiving feast, but I've always loved spending the day with my little family (little because I'm an only child).

I know that your family might drive you crazy, but you love them and want to spend as much time with them as possible. With this in mind, I found a few quick, easy and affordable thanksgiving centerpiece ideas to get your Turkey Day creative juices flowing.We've moved! Please follow us to: Ariel Yve Design

November 18, 2009

Wednesday Inspiration: JLo Inspired Wedding Cake Design

On Monday I posted a picture of JLo's Birthday cake, created by Sylvia Weinstock.

As I'd mentioned I was (literally) drawing inspiration from her cake for a wedding cake that I was designing for one of my January brides.

Though I studied drawing techniques when I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I've always been super shy about sharing my sketches. I guess I just worried that people wouldn't understand my perspective. We've moved! Please finish reading this post at: Ariel Yve Design

November 16, 2009

JLo's Birthday Cake

Last week I had the great pleasure and fortune of attending a presentation given by the fabulous Ms. Sylvia Weinstock. As you all know I'm a huge fan of her work (she created my wedding cake). She showed slides of a few of her personal favorite and most talked about of which was a picture of MY WEDDING CAKE! OMG! Hello! I was totally blushing : )

Anyway, another one of Sylvia's favorite creations was this birthday cake that she and her team created for JLo. We've moved! Please finish reading this post at Ariel Yve Design

November 11, 2009

Wednesday Inspiration: San Ysidro Wedding

The past few days have been beyond busy. While in Indianapolis, my emails, client requests and vendor questions piled up mile high. My apologies, for not posting sooner.

Anyway, this week's inspiration board is a bit of a sneak peak of a wedding that I'm coordinating this weekend at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, CA (Yay!).

The bride hired me less than a month before her big day to plan everything from start to finish. The colors we're using are aqua/sage, cream and lavender, and the theme is rustic, romantic glam.

Inspiration Board Created by, Ariel Yve, Los Angeles, CA Wedding Planner

Image, Style Me Pretty, Amy Michelson, Macaroons and Marie, Style Me Pretty, Jose Villa

I can hardly wait for Saturday. This couple is adorable!

November 6, 2009

Friday Flowers: White Lilac Inc.

TGIF......but I must say that this Friday is particularly exciting for me. I'm getting ready for a trip to Indiana, where I'll FINALLY be presenting for my Master's designation.

Only 12 Wedding Planners and Event Professional throughout world are being considered for the title of Master Bridal Consultant this year. I must say that I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity. Please keep your fingers crossed and think happy thoughts for me for this Sunday!
We've moved! Please find the rest of this post at: Ariel Yve Design

November 4, 2009

Wednesday Inspiration: Pink!

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I've gone pink...very pink. Though I'm always looking for the newest and hottest color trends, my clients dreams continually remind me that pink is is still king (or in this case queen). We've moved! Please follow us to Ariel Yve Design

November 2, 2009

New Business Cards

I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of candy and fun.

This past Friday, I picked up a little treat of my own from Frank Boross of Toxic Coyote Press. My new letterpress business cards! Note, these images were taken with my iPhone, so they actually look a lot better in person. Enough said about my crappy photography skills, here they are:
We've moved! Please finish reading this post at: Ariel Yve Design

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