May 6, 2009

My " Natural" Glow

Lately, I've been receiving tons of compliments on my wonderful tan. I get "did you go on vacation?" Haha...I wish! Wedding seasons is crazier than ever for me this year, so I've been up to my eyeballs in client event details, industry events and last minute meetings. We've moved! Find the secret to my 'natural' glow at: "Ariel Yve Design

I'm naturally paler than pale (think Cate Blanchett). I've tried sun bathing, tanning beds, professional spray tanning, lotions, etc. and have either ended looking burnt, orange or patchy. So how do I find time to maintain my "natural" glow? I've found this product that I am totally obsessed with.

It's called Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray. The tone is so natural, and with the ultra fine spray mist, it's super easy to create a perfectly even glow. And surprise surprise, it actually smells good on your skin (yes, really)!!!!!!!

If you're a bride to be, I'd recommend trying this out at least a week before your wedding. Perhaps for one of your showers, a bachelorette party or some other pre-wedding event....just to be sure that you like the results. This product runs about $10-12 bucks and can be purchased at most drug stores and markets.

I use shade number 3 (I need the extra color), but either shade 2 or 3 should work beautifully on most skin tones. Check it out.

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