May 19, 2009

My Heaven On Earth

On the eve of my 26th birthday (now 1am the morning of), I lay awake thinking about how yet another year has passed me by. How every moment of my life seems to escape me faster than the last. How I have experienced so much in such a short period of time and how I still have so much to learn and achieve.
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It's funny, but ever since my 17th birthday, I've gone to a weird place within myself that forces me into analyze my dreams, my goals and accomplishments. This year is no different, but this year I not only see where I need to grow, but also I see how much I have grown and how strong I've become. I see that with gratitude comes abundance, and that with abundance comes love. With love comes acceptance.

As I drift off to sleep with a humbling sense of gratitude, I am suddenly awakened by an intense memory of walking down a broad tree lined Parisian avenue. The dappled sunlight warms my face in the cool October morning air. In front of me, I see lush green lawns, grand limestone terraces, whimsically manicured topiaries, and thousands upon thousands of red tulips, yellow daffodils and zillions of the purplest, most fragrant hyacinths. To my right, a line kindergartners atop dozens of waist high bay, gray and painted ponies all walking together like little fat ducks in a row. To my left, the grandest, most harmoniously designed palace I've ever laid eyes on.
I give you the Luxembourg Gardens. My heaven on earth.....
Almost too beautiful and whimsical to be real.

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