March 11, 2009

Favorite Wedding Estates, Palaces and Off Site Venues: Part 1

Tonight is an exciting night for me. I am going to be attending the YWD Magazine launch party for the release of their Spring '09 issue. In honor of my article in the new issue on "Estate Weddings" (pages 197-199), I thought that I would write a series of posts, highlighting my favorite event/wedding estates, palaces and off-site venues located all over the world. We've moved! Please find the rest of this post at: Ariel Yve Design
Please enjoy! If you are a bride or host(ess) to be, feel free to call or email me for further details about the following locations.

The first of my featured venues is an estate located in Newport, Rhode Island. This location is completely exclusive and carries a price tag to match (starting at $6,500, plus catering etc.). With that said, this Versailles inspired venue has been affected by the recession, so they are now offer discounts...which could create a fantastic opportunity for the couple looking to have a truly unique and unforgettable destination wedding. Oh, on a totally unrelated note, I was researching this venue for an east coast bride who was looking for a venue that would allow fireworks...good news, fireworks are allowed with permits!

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