March 11, 2009

Favorite Wedding Estates, Palaces and Off Site Venues: Part 7

Last but far from least is in my opinion the most stunning palace I have ever seen. This palatial estate is located just outside of Paris and has played host to some of the worlds most illustrious soirees. Every time, I see this venue, I literally get choked up because the beauty of the architecture is so great. Hey what can I say, I'm a Taurus...I strongly identify with beauty and grandeur. 
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The lights that you see in the picture above actually aren't lights at all...they're thousands of candles that are hand lit each night. Wow! Every bride dreams of a candle lit reception...just imagine the beauty of an entirely candle lit palace!!!

If you are a bride to be or plan to host an extravagant social event and you are interested in any of the locations listed in this series, feel free to call or email me.

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  1. Well done Ariel! I agree, so many of these estates throughout the Loire Valley and just outside of Paris are rich with history and wonderful details. They would make any event truly memorable.


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