February 11, 2010

12 Bridal Bloat Busting Tips

Here's part three of our four part bridal body/beauty series, from our guest blogger and professional nutrition guru, Sheri Lynn of Genesis Transformations.

Image Source: Amy Michelson

You’re coming up on your big day, and suddenly you’re freaking out because your weight is up 5-8 lbs, your jeans don’t fit, and the idea of having a camera aimed at you in your gorgeous gown has you downright terrified. Feeling irritable, frustrated, uncomfortable and unattractive is NOT the way to go into your Big Day, I know you’ll agree! So how do you prevent this nightmare?

There are many reasons why bloat occurs, and most of them have to do with how we eat. We make poor food choices, try new fad diets, eat on the run, chow down on sugary energy bars, overeat or skip meals altogether. Then we expect our digestive system to take care of it all and somehow find balance!

Here’s how to avoid The Bloat on your Big Day:

1) avoid fasting, cleansing, and diet pills as these will all upset your digestion.
2) DRINK LOTS OF WATER – aim for 3 quarts/day, and a gallon is even better. The extra water in your system will help your body find stasis.
3) STOP eating ALL salt. Salt in food, salt on food, salt on the rims of glasses…stop it.
4) Avoid sugar. Sugar causes a gassy reaction in your gut that contributes to bloat.
5) Avoid alcohol. This holds up your liver and kidneys from processing fluids (and nutrients).
6) Eat small meals of protein and carbs (not breads, baked goods or pasta!) every 2.5 hours to keep your digestion stable.

Say you followed directions but binged at a dinner in your honor and now you’re feeling like you gained 3 lbs overnight. Do this:
1) Go for a long walk and get your blood moving.
2) Drink water, as much as you can (not over a gallon).
3) Drink cranberry juice, black or green tea. These are natural diuretics.
4) Eat celery and apples, together. This will give your body a natural potassium/sodium balance.
5) Make sure you’re not touching salt, sugar, or alcohol. Don’t eat anything new that you aren’t used to!
6) DON’T PANIC AND TAKE UNUSUAL OR NEW SUPPLEMENTS – these can backfire in many ways, especially when your body is under stress!!
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