September 2, 2009

Wednesday Inspiration: Yellow and Grey

Woohooo! This is my first of many weekly Wednesday Inspiration Boards to come. Why Wednesday? Because it's in the middle of the week (hump day), and I wanted to give you that infusion of creativity that you need to get you through the week. We've moved! Please read the rest of this inspiring piece at Ariel Yve Design

Photo Source: Cake: Cakegirls, Grey and Yellow Attire: Rebekah Westover Photography, Imperial Trellis Wallpaper: Schumacher, Table scape: Kenn Gray Design, Living Room: Domino Magazine, Gucci "Joy Boston" Handbag: Luxist, Headband: Get Married
If you have a design dilemma or if you're working with color scheme that you can't quite wrap your head around, please email me...I love a challenge. If you're luck...I just might feature your project next Wednesday.


  1. ohh i love this color combination...had thought thought of it before...gorgeous!!

  2. Yellow and Gray works well together! Since we're on the topic of colors, I'm thinking light yellow and peach with bursts of orange for my July 2010 wedding. Any thoughts?

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Nicole, light yellow, peach and orange is a fabulous color palette! They're right next to each other on the color wheel which makes them naturally compatible. Sounds like your wedding is gonna be a knock out!

  4. I love how you've shown yellow and gray together! I'm a huge fan of bold contrasting colors and have found that when you add a neutral color like gray or even white to the mix, it often comes together nicely. For my Cape Cod wedding in June I'm considering bridesmaids in different shades of blue (they will pick their own) with groomsmen in gray, and yellow flowers to accent. Is this too risky?

  5. Hi there anonymous : )

    Blue with yellow is a fabulously dynamic color combo...and gray goes with everything. You have my stamp of approval : )

    With that said, I would recommend specifying a shade of blue to your bridesmaids (i.e. pastel blues, medium blues or dark blues).

    It's always fun to give your nearest and dearest creative liberty, but it would kind of stink for all of your girls to show up in pastel shades of blue and then have just one bridesmaids show up in a navy dress. You now what I mean?


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