September 20, 2009

Ice Cream Social Vendors

I've been a fan of the Ice Cream Social for some time now and apparently you're digging the idea too. Anyway, In the past couple of days I've had people ask me about everything from how to find the perfect garden location for an Ice Cream Social, to who can be hired to cater one. We've moved! Please savor the rest of this post at: Ariel Yve Design

I'm not going to wont get into venue discussion for the time being (though you can always email me for recs.), but I do have some fabulous Ice Cream Social vendors to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago, I was searching for cool/unique mobile catering services and came across the website of Cool Haus. Cool Haus owners Freya and Natasha, are former Architects turned gourmet ice cream purveyors. These ladies use their design and engineering know-how to construct delectable custom ice cream sandwiches for their clients. To find out more about this dynamic duo and how you can hire them for your next event, visit

Of course (Wo)man can't live on just ice cream alone. One of my all time favorite creators of the dessert buffet is the Vanilla Bake Shop. Amy and her staff make the best goodies around. You've got to check them out

Image Source: She Walks in Beauty

PS, Amy is also the best wedding cake baker/designer around. If you're in the market for a fab cake, so she can hook you up in that department as well!
To knock it out of the park, offering sweet and savory treats, you could hire The Burger Bus, or In and Out's Burger trailer, or Lets Be Frank to delight your guests with naughty summer time foods.
Clearly these are all less conventional food options. If you're looking for something a bit more traditional and proper, a local reputable caterer should be able to meet your needs as well.
Enjoy your last weekend of summer!

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