August 25, 2009

Winter Wedding Trends: Midnight Blue and Purple

Purple, without a doubt, has been the "it" color of 2009. A fabulous way to carry this trend over into your 2009/2010 Winter Wedding, is to incorporate Midnight Blue.

Though Midnight blue is a rather traditional color, when paired with bursts of vibrant purple, the result is pure genius(if I do say so myself : D) We've moved! Please visit Ariel Yve Design to finish reading this post.


  1. Luscious! Velvet, satin, amethyst decor of decadence. I wonder if that is a Black Forest cake?

  2. Well said Elizabeth! Thanks for the comment! I don't know exactly what kind of cake that was...but it sure looks like it was delicious : )

  3. Gorgeous! That tablescape is stunning :) I always worried about dark blues and purples and blacks clashing together, but these look GREAT together!

  4. Thanks Jenny! I'm trilled that you enjoyed my inspiration board! Navy/Midnight Blue are going to be huge next year.


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