August 21, 2009

Bernard Maisner Calligraphy

Bernard Maisner, the godfather of wedding calligraphy, produces the most breathtaking masterpieces with every stroke of his pen. We've moved! Please enjoy the rest of this post at: Ariel Yve Design

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Wright and Company
His work's swirls and loops wrap themselves around my imagination and transport me to a time and place of pure elegance. I envision standing in the foyer of a grand estate. I see glistening Baccarat chandeliers over head, gleaming parquet floors covered in fine french aubusson rugs, a sweeping travertine staircase, violin music and enormous tower of champagne filled coupe glasses.

What comes to your mind when you see Bernard's calligraphy?
Mr. Maisner is available for custom job consultations via phone and email. However, if your lucky enough to be planning a New York wedding, you may have the opportunity to meet with Bernard Maisner face to face.

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