August 28, 2009

Paper Pom Poms

You've probably seen paper pom poms featured your favorite magazines and blogs lately. They're fun, fluffy and oh so easy to incorporate into your event's design, be it a wedding, rehearsal dinner or a bridal shower.
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Image from Party Poms on Etsy

I must admit that it took me a while to jump on the paper pom pom band waggon, but after seeing Party Pom's fantastically textured poofs, I was sold. The way that they cut their pom pom's edges make them look like gigantic peony or dahlia could I resist?
To see all of the fabulousness that is Party Poms, be sure to check out their Etsy store.

Paper Pom's color selection
Not only are their products gorgeous, but they'll custom cut paper pom poms to perfectly suit your design aesthetic...allowing you to mix and match sizes, petal textures, and colors.

-Affix them to a blank backdrop for a flirty photo booth backdrop.
-Offer each of your guests their own mini pom pom boutonnieres. It's impossible not to smile while wearing such a cute and whimsical accessory.
-Mix and suspend paper pom poms and votive en mass over your dance floor...creating a dreamy dappled light effect. *Logistical note; Be sure to hang the votives at different heights than your paper pom poms to avoid creating a fire hazard.
-Use mini pom poms as festive napkin embellishments.
-Rather than scattering the traditional rose petals down the aisle, create a unique and dramatic effect by grouping different sized/color pom poms next to every other chair lining your aisle. *Logistical note; Since these pom poms are paper, they'll shrivel up if placed on wet grass. Be sure to ask your venue not to water their lawn at least 24-48 hour prior to your ceremony.
-Group them on your dessert buffet or candy station for lush and abundant looking feast.
-Place these pretty paper puffs atop various height candlesticks for interesting, no-fuss topiary style centerpieces.

Happy Planning!

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