January 11, 2011

Affordable Designer Bridesmaids' Dresses

Once upon a time, bridesmaids' dresses were all made to look the same in order to confuse evil spirits so they didn't harm the bride. Fast forward a few thousand years and while the reasoning had changed, they still all looked the same. Bridesmaids for a hundred years or more have endured having their attire being matched precisely to the wedding nail polish, lipstick, shoes, decor and possibly the table linens. While this may have confused some of the groomsmen, brides of late are pondering all sorts of questions about bridesmaids' attire. The top on this list is "Where can I find stylish and considerate dress that my fashion (and budget) conscious friends and I love for my wedding?" We've moved! Please join us at: Ariel Yve Design

 Enter our new favorite site, Rent the Runway.
Happily, more than ever before, brides and bridesmaids are celebrating their unique shapes, sizes and styles with an endless variety of fashionable and coordinating choices. Let's face it, though - no matter *how* adorable most bridesmaids' dresses are, most girls aren't going to wear them again. Rent the Runway has designer labels for hire at absolutely incredible prices! Here are a few of their many delicious dresses that could easily make your bridesmaids look and feel like full-fledged fashionistas - at prices that are less than what many would spend for just shoes. Did we mention they have accessories, too?

This prim and proper bowtie by Milly looks like it could easily walk down the aisle and have a great time at the reception as well. Imagine how sweet purple hydrangeas with a twist of callas lillies and a coordinating bowtie ribbon detail would look with this!

Here is a white white belted dress that would be stunning with any color of flowers (we were thinking about citrine yellow or hot pink) and looks like just the thing for a fashionable bride to make her exit or a splash at an after-wedding party!

Nicole Miller cream metallic sheath is a perfect combination of sexy and ladylike - and would do equally well with gold heels or a bright color for some extra pop!

Roberto Rodriguez is the designer behind this fun, infinitely flattering and always classic LBD - I see it pairing well with sweet garden roses in vivid lipstick colors.

Badgley Mishcka calls this dress "bowtastic" -and we couldn't agree more -It even has pockets!

So if you're in the market for affordable, very stylish bridesmaid, rehearsal dinner or after-party wear, look no further. Rent the Runway!

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