July 9, 2010

Friday Flowers: Heirloom Details

Happy Friday everyone!  Can you believe how quickly this week has flown by?

I wanted to share this bouquet that I'd created for Kathy, one of my fabulous Texas brides.  My clients from the Lone Star State are always so nice.  There must be something in the water.

Anyway, Kathy wanted a whimsical bridal bouquet of pink callas, stephanotis, white and roses.  
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Image courtesy of Vita Bella Photography

In memory of her mom, we tied a locket to the stems that had been given to the bride when she was younger.  She could feel this memento in her hands as her father walked her down the aisle.  It was a discreet, yet very personal way for her to remember her loved one.

If you've lost someone dear to you, consider incorporating a piece that reminds you of them into your personal bouquet.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. love that I'm in your blog! I loved my bouquet and still get comments on how lovely our floral arrangements were. You're the best Ariel!


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