June 10, 2010

Delivering Happiness- Review

Wow, Engage!10 was amazing! 

Grand Cayman is such an incredibly beautiful place and the service at the Ritz was truly second to none (the staff gives everyone a seriously awe inspiring level care and attention). 

A few of the highlights from my trip included:

1) Meeting my roommate and now lifelong friend, Kate Bentley of of Happily Ever After Weddings.
2)Having a conversation with Colin Cowie at night on the beach (during a brief tropical rain).
3) Spontaneously jumping into 70 degree waves after dark, with the gorgeous Inside Weddings editor, Miss Marilyn Olivera.
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4) Finally hearing Sean Low present in person (He doesn't take any BS : )
5) Todd Fiscus' presentation (BA-NA-NAS)
6) Dancing the night away with Sylvia Weinstock, Randy Fanoli (from Say Yes to the Dress), Michelle Rago, Jasmine Star, Beth Helmstetter, Laura Hooper, Marcy Bloom, etc..

I had so much fun.  There are just too many fun and funny memories to list.  The event was flawless from start to finish due to the creative genius of Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce.  Thanks for the opportunity ladies!!!

Anyway, back to the task at hand...my review of Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. 

A couple of months back I received two (free) pre-released copies from Tony in exchange for my honest review of his first book.

I've never been much of a "reader," but I have to say I really loved the book.  He writes exactly how he speaks.  It's a super easy yet inspiring read.  I read it from cover to cover in just two afternoons.

Anyway, about the book...you probably know Tony as the funny "tweeting" billionaire CEO of Zappos.com, but he's really so much more.  He's risked more and failed more than anyone should ever have to.  Imagine selling a hugely successful Internet start up for millions at the age of 26, later to lose and risk it all for a big dream.

You really have to read this book in order to fully comprehend this man's brilliant sacrifice and unwavering faith in his team and their vision.  It's kind of crazy to say, but I believe that this book should serve as the litmus test for those going into business for themselves (do you really have what it takes?).

Anyway, in short, I highly recommend reading Delivering Happiness.  After reading Tony's incredible story, you too will realize that truly anything is possible. 

To learn more about Delivering Happiness, go to the Delivering Happiness Blog: http://www.deliveringhappinessbook.com/

To purchase your own copy of Delivering Happiness, go to: www.amazon.com/deliveringhappiness

PS- Tony, I can't wait to tour your Las Vegas offices in July!!!!!!!

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