March 16, 2010

Tips for Reducing Worry and Stress

Planning an event can create cause unwanted stress. Today's post (written by my friend/officiant extraordinaire, Dr. Kimber Lee Wilkes) features great life advice that will help you refocus and redirect your energy in a more positive and effective way:

Worrying can be thought of as "negative fantasy" - thinking about bad things that might happen. You can easily learn to get your thinking more under your own control. Consider with me what people worry the most about: We've moved! Please continue reading this post at: Ariel Yve Design

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Worry # 1 ~ Money
The reality: Even people who earn more than enough to cover their expenses can be hit with unexpected bills, due to anything from a lost job to a major illness. What to do: Keep a budget and track what you spend in cash; make a list of how much you owe, and note if you're saving any money. This will give you a sense of whether you need to be concerned. Also, avoid comparing your finances and happiness with those of people who have more money, because this can fuel money worries.

Worry # 2 ~ Your Health
The reality: Everyone worries about illness now and then, and as you move into middle age, you’re more likely to have unfamiliar aches and pains. What to do: Get a thorough checkup to determine if you’re in good health, and bring any legitimate symptoms to your doctor’s attention. Then focus on the positive things you can do for yourself, like improving your diet and other habits.

Worry # 3 ~ The State of Your Relationship
The reality: Relationships can be fraught with challenges, particularly as the years together add up. What to do: Take stock of your relationship by asking yourself how often you’re frustrated or upset with your partner and in what situations this typically happens. Write down your thoughts because getting your worries on paper as this will help you evaluate them with a clearer head. Consider how realistic your concerns are and whether you could be projecting unrelated anxieties onto the relationship. Then go ahead and find a calm time to talk to your partner, being honest but trying to avoid being confrontational.

Worry # 4 ~ Job Security
The reality: In our uncertain economy, employment is far from a sure thing, so it's easy to wonder if your position may be eliminated or in our case can they do it themselves. What to do: Grounding yourself in day-to-day reality is a good way to avoid stressing. Try to keep a close eye on how your company is doing financially. Discuss what projects you should be working on and which skills and responsibilities you should be developing. No matter what, it's always smart to look ahead, whether that means thinking of your next move within your own company or contemplating a career change altogether.

Bottom Line: Spend more time living and less time thinking about the things that don’t make you happy. Since worrying is an opposite of being happy, learning how to overcome worrying means learning how to be happier . If you learn to analyze and do things differently, you can really enjoy a much healthier and wealthier life.

Most of all: Relax!!

Dr. Kimber Lee Wilkes

Thanks for lending your words of wisdom Kimber!

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