August 26, 2010

Signature Scent Station: How to Make Your Own Perfume

A while back, I wrote this article on signature fragrances for the bride to be for Your Wedding Day Magazine. 

You've probably seen a lot of DIY perfume stations in recent photo shoots featured the popular wedding blogs.

Since I've learned a thing or two about fragrance over the years, I wanted to give you a breakdown of how to create your own signature scent station for your next event or bridal shower (Speaking of bridal showers, be sure to visit the Style Unveiled Blog in a few days for my tips on throwing a fabulous bridal shower)
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-An assortment of pure concentrate essential oils ( I recommend lily of the valley, gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang) *Caution: no more than 1 to 2 drops of oil is needed per ounce of Vodka

-1-2oz of 100 Proof Vodka per person

-2 tbsp of Distilled or Spring Water (add more water if needed)

-1.5 glass perfume bottles per person, with the small single folded direction cards tied their necks.  It's nice to have extra bottles on hand for experimentation. (See below for directions to be printed on direction cards; Click here for a perfume bottle resource).

-A printed or calligraphed table sign describing the station.  I suggest creative like "Love in Bloom," but you could always do something more direct like "Signature Perfume Station."

via essortment 

Take your essential oil concentrate and add to Vodka, stirring slowly but long enough to disperse the oils. Let this mixture stand for 48 hours, then add 2 tbsp of distilled or spring water, again stir slowly and thoroughly. Let this mixture stand another 48 hours. Some people let there perfume stand anywhere from four to six weeks curing time, this way you will get a stronger perfume, and not a cologne. This choice is up to you, just remember if the formula seems too strong you can always add more water and dilute it back down. After letting the perfume mature or cure, pour through a coffee filter (so any sediment does not get in the final product) into your bottle. Voila’ your very own signature perfume.



  1. Thanks for sharingthe "how to" perfect for the DIY bride or anyone who will be hosting an female domnated event.

  2. Ariel, do you know Kristin Cotte of The Grapeseed Company? (@grapeseedco on Twitter.) She just opened a retail location in SB for her body care line, and she has a custom scent station in her store.

    It's a great place to have a bridal shower, as all the ingredients and containers are provided! If you haven't seen her store yet, it's at the corner of Carrillo and De La Vina.


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