July 6, 2009

Before and After- Lighting

Whenever I first meet with brides, 95% tell me that they want a candle lit reception. Candle light is an undoubtedly the most classically romantic wedding notion, however, what the mind envisions, isn't exactly how things translate in reality. We've moved! Please enjoy the rest of this post at: Ariel Yve Design

Here is a before and after comparison of a wedding that I produced at the Montectio Country Club back in May:

Before:The reception space lit by candles and bit of ambient light provided by the venue chandeliers.
After:The exact same space with up lighting, pin spotting on the centerpieces and a dance floor projection. The result...a much more romantic, dramatic and warm space.
As you can see, a little bit of professional event lighting goes a long way. If you're on a tight budget a simple color wash or a basic up lighting package can transform your space from everyday to extraordinary.
"After" picture lighting was provided by Bella Vista Designs. Photos were taken by Barbara Alessandra.


  1. thank you for showing this! i tell my clients all the time they CANNOT forget to budget for lighting...it makes the ambiance hands down more than any other factor - including flowers!

  2. SUCH a good point! Especially from a photographers point of view! :)

  3. Thanks for this awesome post. My mom kept going back and forth about whether it was worth spending the extra money on the lighting. Now she is totally convinced. Good job!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad that you all have responded so well to this post. Just trying to change a few minds about the importance of great lighting.

    Happy Planning!


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